e-commerce Startup retreat

Your ultimate e-commerce roadmap

Sun 07 April to Sun 17 April 2019

What is E-Commerce Startup Retreat?

E-Commerce Startup is a 9-day offline experiential learning program for entrepreneurs who are on a mission to build a meaningful, profitable and sustainable e-commerce business that lasts.

Getting your e-commerce business up and running requires courage, discipline, clarity, vision and the ability to execute on the right strategies. Without a clear roadmap this process can be very painful. At E-Commerce Startup Retreat, you’ll get the best advice and guidance from industry experts, that will help you learn how to set up your e-commerce business the right way, secure your business growth and save you years of expensive trial and error.

How does it work?

Our 7-day program takes place only 4 times a year in Bali in a stunning location, where you can learn everything you need about e-commerce and rejuvenate your mind and body in the same time. Our mentors are flying from different parts of the world to teach you and give you the best advice and knowledge on how to run your e-commerce successfully. The curriculum is condensed to 5 days, where you’ll find out everything you need to know to move your business to success. 1 day is dedicated to roundtable discussion and networking with fellow participants, 1 day – an island adventure, that will fill you with breathtaking views, joy and laughter and make this time unforgettable.

There is no such thing as hack, fast-track, or fast-forward your e-commerce business. We will show you how things work, but it is up to you to move your business forward with the right strategy, systems and tools and the right mindset, values and mission.

Spend 7 days in paradise island with the best mentors, who will teach you how to sort out your e-commerce business once and for all, building products and services people will be thrilled to buy and crave for more. No boring theory! Only action-oriented, juicy, real practical and fun stuff! We carefully curate the group of retreat participants to make sure you meet the best people to give you the best feedback and support, and inspire you move forward.


Your results will be based on many factors, such as your level of effort, your entrepreneurial mindset, personality, knowledge, skills, and whole bunch of other variables. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. E-Commerce Startup is not a “get rich fast” strategy. It takes loads of effort, dedication and ability to collaborate. We believe that E-Commerce Startup will provide you a great toolkit and necessary knowledge to achieve your desired results, but you need to show up and be the best version of yourself every day of this journey.

Who’s it for?


With an Idea, No Idea – Doesn’t Matter!

Whether you want to have an online store as a side hustle or become a full-time e-commerce entrepreneur, our Mentors will make sure you start your business the right way. From business basics to the best e-commerce business practices, timeless marketing strategies and business automation – all the essentials you need to set yourself up for success. We’ll guide you on the way to be able to run  your store like a pro.

This retreat is definitely for you if

You want to create an effective purpose-driven e-commerce business and make a real change

Objectives of the retreat

  • Give you a clear, easy and practical pathway to start, run and grow your e-commerce business successfully and effectively
  • Define your niche and your product and market fit
  • Help you find out how to source your product
  • Help you start working ON your business – not IN it
  • Teach you a real-life examples of successful e-commerce business strategies
  • Give you access to the best tools, blueprints and drafts for your business automation and effectiveness
  • Teach you how to create a compelling brand
  • Teach you how to create a killer website and improve your conversions by improving your website user experience
  • Show you how to achieve high conversion rates
  • Teach you timeless marketing strategies for your e-commerce business
  • Show you how you can outsource to automation to save tons of time, and nerves, helping you make money when you sleep
  • Connect you with like-minded entrepreneurs to help you create your own trusted network of e-commerce entrepreneurs to contribute to, who will be happy to help you grow by giving you feedback and maybe sometimes give you a kick in the ass for additional accountability
  • Connect you with amazing talents from all over the world, a go-to crowd of freelancers and small business owners, that can help you with everything you need: from graphic design and copywriting to a little cartoon or a big documentary to promote your products.
  • Help you rejuvenate your body and mind to increase your resilience and turn you into an e-commerce Jedi
  • Change the world one NGO at a time: every program always includes one participants from grassroot organizations, that support Bali’s social or environmental initiatives, who get 100% discount off the full amount of the program. Participants from these organizations study with the group, but do not live on the site.

You will learn

  • You’ll be able to define and align your personal and business mission, vision, values and goals
  • How to define your product/service offering
  • How to create a unique compelling brand
  • Which platform is the best for creating your online your store
  • How to create a killer website
  • How to have your UX and UI right to improve your conversions, so people do not get lost in your store
  • How to set up your e-commerce store systems right so they work like clockwork
  • Everything about all the automations and integrations you need/don’t need
  • How to set up your payment gateways and security systems right
  • How to run/keep your inventory
  • How to deal with suppliers
  • How to sort out your logistics: delivery and shipments. Best practices
  • What is customer service beyond expectations and how to deal with complaints and angry customers
  • When to hire and how to grow your team
  • How to achieve high conversion rates through creating a clear customer journey and smart CRO strategies
  • Timeless digital marketing strategies to drive sales and create raving fans
  • Advanced facebook marketing strategies
  • Advanced social media and inbound marketing strategies
  • Messenger marketing strategies
  • How to create a community of raving fans and brand ambassadors, let your clients be your main sales force, so you don’t need to spend tons of money on marketing
  • How to outsource to automation by creating effective back end systems

Bonus Knowledge

You will also learn how to

  • Create necessary systems and tools for daily operations and decision-making processes to outsource low-level work and have more time to focus on revenue-generating activities
  • Create and refine your business strategy so that it will be aligned with your customers and is set up to scale
  • Set up your business so that it can run well without your constant involvement
  • How to create automated systems for sales and marketing
  • How to focus on the most valuable activities in your business saving a massive amount of time


  • Contact us page
  • FAQ page
  • Returns page
  • Shipping and delivery templates
  • Outreach templates to get manufacturers take you seriously

Retreat Outline

Day 1: Introduction

Introduction to E-Commerce Foundations and Philosophy
E-Commerce Business Models
Wholesale and Warehousing
Private Labelling and Manufacturing
White Labelling
Affiliate Marketing
Roundtable discussion: choosing the right e-commerce business type

Day 2: Product/Market Fit

Product/Market Fit
Understanding your audience and its needs
Sourcing a 6 figure product
Determining your brand potential
Your Vision, Mission & Values
Your Business Purpose
Setting Objectives for your E-Commerce business
Your Business Strategy
Big Fish in a Small Pond Strategy


Day 3: Your Store

Choosing the right platform
Creating collections
Store themes
Niche vs General Store
Sections in your store. Conversion killers no one talks about
GDPR compliance
Adding products – Quality vs Quantity
Checkout tips to boost conversions
Conversion hacks: Checkout countdown timers and more
Payment providers/gateway. Stripe
Shipping rates
Pixel Set up


Day 4: Branding and Design

Creating your brand
Color Theory
Customer journey and UX/UI
Creating a high converting logo
Product Photography and video

Work in groups: make it pretty – practicing styling, photography and design

Day 5: Adventure Day

Day Trip to Nusa Penida

Day 6: Maximizing Profit

Upsell strategies
Product bundles
‘Pillow profits’ fulfillment app
Fast fulfillment
Managing Inventory


Day 7: Automation

Customer Journey Automation
API integration
Automation flow
Abandonment protector automation
New offers automation
Perfect Sales Email
Campaign segments
Increasing free leads
Automated thank you emails
Setting up an automated customer winback email sequences
Abandoned cart email sequence. Abandonment protector
Customizing your autoresponder emails
Customer Service

Work in groups: perfect automation flow

Day 8: Productivity

Personal Productivity
Business SOPs
Main business KPIs
Data Analytics
Company Structure
Hiring the team: when, who, why
Simple Budget & Cash flow
Basic Accounting & Tax


Day 9: Marketing

Marketing strategy
Marketing automation
Inbound Marketing
Creating your unique original branded content
Understanding fb ads (Why instead of How)
Advanced facebook tactics
Facebook ads case studies
Paid ads and Ads inconsistency
Instagram strategies
Dealing with Influencers
Messenger marketing
Email marketing
Turning Your customers into raving fans
The Art of Copywriting and Storytelling

Recap of the course

What’s Included?

All the magic and more!


More than 40 hours of content
2 group mastermind sessions
3 group work sessions
30 sessions with our mentors
Systems and spreadsheet templates
Lifetime access to the program materials


Access to Alumni Group
1 month membership at Dojo Coworking Space
Access to more than 2,5k community of talents from all over the world
Access to our partner’s deals
Fastest wifi on the island (300mbps)




7 days/7 nights in a luxury villa

5 morning yoga and meditation sessions
90 mins of Royal Balinese Massage
Infinity pool
Stunning views


Refreshment drinks and snacks during the breaks
Adventure tour
Welcome drink
Surprise box
Snacks, tea and coffee breaks
Welcome Dinner and Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Final Dinner and non-alcoholic drinks
Airport transfer

Your Investment

Some text needed here

Not included:

  • Airfare Some Lunches & dinners and alcoholic drinks, this is because we give you free time. Check out the curriculum to see what dinners and lunches are included.
  • Medical Insurance
  • Transportation outside of the program curriculum
  • Motorbike or Scooter Rental
  • No discounts for Indonesian KTP Holders
  • Please note: Prices are in USD • Prices are Per Person and can not be shared • Non-transferrable • Early Bird Offers Expire 45 days before the retreat

* Potential business development tax relief (check with your country’s tax regulations).
** All the applications for the program go through our evaluation committee. We do not guarantee that your application will be accepted. No payments need to be done before we confirm, that you are qualified to join our curated group of participants.

Our Mentors



Marketing Officer at Clue Designs and Dojo Bali


Mentor 2

Mentor 2

Great Great Great


Mentor 3

Mentor 3

Great Great Great


Michael Craig

Michael Craig

Founder of Clue Designs and Dojo Bali

Michael is the founder of Clue Design (Digital Marketing Agency, Australia) and Dojo Bali, one of the top 10 Coworking Spaces in the world (according to Forbes). After working with thousands of companies from a variety of industries including marine, engineering, insurance, retail, mining and oil & gas, Michael gained a unique perspective and in-depth insight to the everyday challenges being faced by these businesses which allowed him to solve complex problems and build countless applications including his own enterprise software application, ‘Mintox’ and win big contracts with leading international businesses. He knows that the best way to learn entrepreneurship is to start a company and he did. Now he wants to teach you how to do it.

Selection Criteria

We curate the group of our participants to make sure they are the right fit for each other as well as that this program is right for them. We also need to make sure that all our participants resonate with our values and .

As a participants of ‘Amplify your E-Commerce’ Retreat you MUST have your own E-Commerce business up and running, as the course is highly focused on improvement of operating e-commerce stores, otherwise.

Make a Change & Give Back

All our students want to make this world a better place through their business

Build a Community

Our program is for leaders willing to build communities and make an impact

Zero Leech Policy

No leeches, no sleezy slackers: we do not like people who use others to sell some bs products or services with ‘get rich fast’ approach.

Support & Encourage

Each participant is ready to help other students with their feedback, idea or brainstorm and inspire them to take action.


Our Venue is a stunning luxury villa surrounded by picturesque rice fields

Sneak Peak

What people say

I have finally figured out how to scale my store beyond 7 figures! When you have 5 professionals with a total of 50+ years of experience mentoring you, sharing all the secrets of E-Commerce no one talks about, you can expect you are in good hands.

Sara Oliver

Founder, All for Women Store

After Amplify Your E-Commerce Retreat I scaled my business beyond 7 figures in half a year. Guys definitely know their stuff!

Robert W

Founder, Nevermind

Payment Policy

Please read our Payment Policy before making any payments. By making a payment you agree and accept our Payment and Refund Policies

  • 100% Full Payment upfront
  • Non – Transferrable
  • The full amount should be paid at least 30 days before program starts

Refund Policy

  • 5 months before the program – 100% refund
  • 4 months before the program – 50% refund
  • 3 months before the program – 30% refund
  • No refund if less than 60 days before program
  • Bank processing fees will be deducted from the amount paid
  • No Refund on Early Bird payments. Period!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this retreat for me if I already have an idea for the store, but haven't launched yet?


Q. What is the actual length of stay during the retreat?

The actual length of stay is 7 days/7nights. 2 days are dedicated to arrivals and departures.

Q. Can I bring my boyfriend/girlfriend?

Q. Will I have Stable Internet Connection?

Q. Will I have time to work during the program?

Q. What do I need to bring with me?

Q. Do you give any certificates of completion?

Q. Do you provide scholarships?

Q. Do you have Prices for residents in Bali?

Q. Do you have breakfast included?
Yes, breakfast is included in the price, in case you are having breakfast at our stunning villa. If you want to have breakfast outside of the venue – it will not be paid by us.

Q. Can I cook my own food in the kitchen?

You are more than welcome to cook you own food, we also offer a big fridge to store your groceries and containers.

Can I smoke in the house?
No. Smoking is allowed not allowed, you are able to use the front parking area however.

Dojo Bali

Dojo Bali is a coworking space located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Dojo Canggu is open 24/7 and located at Echo Beach, Canggu offering a collaborative and relaxing coworking environment. New locations are coming soon. Stay tuned to find out where the next Dojo will be set up.

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