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Highlighted Events

Public Speaking – Workshop

October 2019 – Fri 4th to 6th – 3 Days
Look, sound & feel confident on stage, in the boardroom, on Live Television, YouTube, Instagram, meeting clients, giving a pitch or a conference keynote. Find out more

Online Marketing Retreat

3th-9th of November 2019, 7 days 
Includes accommodation
Location: Private Villa | Canggu, Bali

Get certified in SEO and conversion optimisation: This 5 day retreat will teach you all you need to win at two of the most important online marketing disciplines.

An all-inclusive week hosted by two of the leading experts in SEO and CRO. Get ready for 40 hours of intense knowledge infusion, including individual optimisation advice for your own website.

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Upcoming Weekly & Monthly Events

We host hundreds of curated events each year at Dojo, located in Canggu Bali. These can be roughly put into four different categories: Inspirational, Knowledge, Cogiving and Networking. See the events below or like our facebook page to get up-to-date information about our events in your news feed. We have a strict ‘no sell’ policy for all events, so that we can deliver high value talks, workshops & networking events to our community.

F*Up Night Canggu Vol. 1

After long awaited demand, Dojo Coworking Space is finally bringing FuckUp Nights to Canggu, Bali ! It’s going to be the first time Canggu participates as FuckUp Night spot alongside with other 315+ cities, from 85+ countries around the world. We couldn’t be more excited to share the stories and network with you. More about FuckUp Night Movement : https://www.fuckupnights.com 

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Dojo day out: West Bali village Adventure

West Bali is Bali’s best-kept secret. It is a quiet, rural area nestled between the mountains and the sea. Its terrain includes secluded black sand beaches, luscious green rice terraces, and dense jungles. We will reconnect with Mother nature and learn about daily life from local Balinese fishermen, farmers, artists, children, and entrepreneurs. Be part of this fun and exciting excursion to beautiful West Bali. Five Pillar Foundation is excited to offer the following adventures with food, transport, and lodging accommodations included. You will be led by a team of local Balinese youth that works to protect and preserve their culture and environment. Learn about Five Pillar Foundation’s model for sustainable development, meet the local community, and observe daily life in the peaceful remote western part of Bali!

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Bali’s Monsoon Plastic Crisis

Bali has a trash problem. You see it on the beaches, in the ocean and on the streets. Why is there a problem? What needs to be done? Do cleanups actually help? What can you do? Emma, the founder of Ocean Mimic be talking about the surprisingly complex issue we see in Bali. It is a sad story but one littered with hope. As a visitor in Bali you have power to contribute to helping the community – it all starts with you!

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New Members Breakfast

Join new & old members of Dojo for an early morning networking & delicious breakfast. Our team will give you important orientation information about Dojo and how to make the most of the community and space, plus loads of tips on Bali, this is a great way to meet people and get involved in the community, come loaded with lots of questions as they can surely be answered here.

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Brand Yourself Through Storytelling

Do you feel stuck with how you’re being perceived in business or life? If the word “identity” overwhelms you, then stories could help you change that and make it right. There is a light at the end of your tunnel! Khun will share the steps he took over the last six months to create his new identity. This includes research, participating in workshops, digging into his family history, and even going on a silent retreat. This former monk recently decided to go on a completed silent retreat. This was not new and should be easy for him. He will be sharing his experience as part of his actionable steps to help you discover stories that you may not even remember! You will also hear a mind-blowing discovery that changed his life forever.

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Socrates In Sunglasses

Are you interested in philosophy and science? Do you get excited about deep questions and thoughtful discussion? Join a community of like-minded individuals for small group discussions on topics of meaning and consequence. Each session will delve into a specific theme. For our inaugural event we will explore Socrates’ notion of the “examined life” by considering the question…What does it mean to “know thyself”?

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Events Last Year

Events have been the backbone of the Dojo Community since Dojo first opened its doors. Our events are well-curated and cover a wide range of topics: there’s always something to learn & share. It’s a fantastic tool to expand your skillset & network with like-minded people!

Antria Pansy

Events Coordinator, Dojo Bali

Quick FAQ’s

Do I have to register for an Event?
Yes you have to register via email, or via front desk at Dojo. Please follow the instructions in the event details to confirm your place.
Do I have to be a member to come to an Event?
It depends on the event, you need to read the event description, we categories events into Members Only or Public. You can also buy our event & social membership to access events.

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