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You Are A Mindless Puppet

Overcome Your Raging Narcissism & Find Your Purpose

Goals of visiting 30 countries by 30? Making $1,000,000 by 35? Do your Tinder dates fail to wow? Perhaps you have a quiet suspicion that all men are evil? Or a strange urge to ride your motorbike with no helmet, to be topless in Dojo, or to check your hair in every reflection? Why? You have no idea.Not really. We’ll change that, and funnel this understanding to becoming a driven badass so full of purpose and lightning that those around you will become worried, and a little aroused.

What People Will Learn:
– Some of the many ways your monkey brain is trying to ruin your life
– The step by step strategy to observe and overcome these.
– Effective self reflection to separate what you think you want, and what you actually want
– Pulling out your core values and drivers
– Building goals that deliver an awesome life now, and not in 3 years when you never actually achieve them.
– Hijacking the religious part of your brain to find drive outside of money and things
– Working backwards to create a daily practice that keeps you consistently driven and fulfilled

About the speaker:
Why hello you sexy sailor you! I’m Connor, and after previous Dojo talks on 250k Instagram followers in 10 months, and 450,000 monthly Pinterest views in 6 months, I thought I’d finally share my most valueable life and business insights (by far). After selling a women’s fitness business just over a year ago, I was a little worried to find that my personal happiness increased by approximately 0, while my bank balance soared to new highs. But all that money did do something profound for me – it sucked away all of my drive. Previously, I’d focused heavily on “not being a broke bitch”, but that problem was gone.

So I was stuck… How do I find meaning that is my own while floating through a hostile dark universe on an insignificant speck of a planet? Come to the event to find out. In my heavily biased opinnion it will be both interesting and amusing. For more, follow me on the gram @connor.mccreesh. Posting schedule is heavily dependent on the retrogradeness of Mercury.

Event Registration Instructions

This event is free and open to public. Limited to 50 spots. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org

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