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User Experience and Best Practices for Native Mobile Apps

Key Principles of App Design to Create the Best UI Possible
The first part covers a quick introduction of UX Design evolution: Past, Present and Future.
The second part covers a deep dive of native mobile app best practices, for anyone interested in how to build perfectly optimized experiences for native mobile platforms.

What People Will Learn*:

  • What is User Experience (UX)
  • How UX evolves in parallel with data storage and technology
  • How to design native mobile apps
  • Where to look for design resources when building a native app 
  • How to approach brand for a native mobile app (product) 


About the speaker*: Following almost a decade of industry experience, Robert has been successfully shaped as a Lead Product Designer & Manager. Throughout the years, he has encountered the agency environment, working for clients such as Yahoo, Bank of America or Microsoft, and the product environment as former UX Lead for Zipcar and JUSTEAT. 

Today, Robert delivers UX solutions for tech companies as a contractor, under the name of @thatuxdude. His main focus is on native mobile apps, and the working process between Product, Tech and UX. 

Robert is also the co-founder of sheetsu.com – an easy to use  REST API, that turns google spreadsheets into dynamic Databases, Forms, CMS and more.


Instagram: @thatuxdude

Twitter: @thatuxdude

Website: www.thatuxdude.com 



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