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The Wonder Of Neurodesign

Insights From Neuroscience For Innovation

Neurodesign is the crossroads of neuroscience and innovation and applies insights from neuroscience to improve the work of design teams. How can we guide teams to make the best out of their collective brainpower? What should we be aware of about our own brain when we work together with others? How can our brains limit or facilitate teamwork? What interventions and guidelines from neurodesign can you use to improve your collaboration and innovation practices?

Skill Level: Beginners

What People Will Learn:
– What you need to know about your brain to become a better team member & team leader;
– What cognitive dynamics to pay attention to when working in innovation team;
– Neurodesign Guidelines for collaboration & innovation practices

About the speaker:
Dr. Caroline holds a PhD in neuroscience, so chat with her about the neural dynamics during teamwork if you like. She has been a Design Thinking coach/lecturer at the HPI d.school for the past 8 years in Berlin and a guestprofessor at Harbour.Space University in Barcelona. She recently also joined the Stanford HPI Design Thinking Research Program as a senior researcher, focusing on the intersection of innovation, collaboration & neuroscience and on self-leadership (Design your Life). When I don’t design curricula on Neurodesign and Unstuck your Life, I consult companies on strategic innovation and design thinking with the agency I co-founded, kandoee. (For the surfers: yes, the name was inspired by the wave in the Mentawais)

Event Registration Instructions
This event is ONLINE, free and open to public. If you want to join this event, please send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org and we’ll send you the Zoom invitation

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