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The Science Behind Great Landing Pages


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 Discover the secrets for creating a landing page that converts: Magda Kay will show you insights on how to create a great landing page that converts. Get proven templates that you can copy-paste for your own business, discover how to write the copy that compels people to sign up and how to create a lead magnet that makes people wanna jump on your offer right away.  What you will learn: – Proven templates for Landing Pages- How to increase conversion of you landing page- How to choose and create a lead magnet that gets people to sign up- Email software providers overview- How to write a copy on your Landing page- Proven Formulas for Effective Headline- Q&A / feedback of your Landing page Your online business starts with a landing page. You need it to build a mailing list. Once you have a list, you can do email marketing and through that you can sell your product, offer affiliate products (for 50% cut in revenue), create your most loyal followers, get powerful testimonials and much, much more.But all this will only happen if your landing page converts. Especially if you drive paid traffic to your page you want to make sure you can convert at least 30% of visitors, otherwise you’re bleeding money. But how to convert 30%, 40% or even 50% of visitors? There is science to designing landing pages and this is what you will discover in this training. Magda will share with you proven templates of what works the best. She will also show you which elements on your landing page make the most difference in how well it performs. You will look at design and copy of a great landing page, as well creating appealing lead magnets (a lead magnet is the thing people are signing up for). You gotta give them a good reason to opt in, otherwise they won’t. And if you think that people make a decision whether to stay on your page or close it in just 8 seconds, you realise why the proper lead magnet, colors, headline and template are so important. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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