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The Chilling Tale of 6 Figure Publishing

A Winning Blueprint To Level Up Your Business

Willie built 6 figure horror publishing house. But he doesn’t even like horror. Actually, he avoids it…something to do with unnecessary nightmares. Wait, stop right there. What kind of voodoo is this?  How do you scale a business on a topic you don’t know much about? What’s the game winning blueprint to build out your operations team?  Simple but effective marketing strategies…those things exist in real life?  What’s the secret to dominating an increasingly competitive niche?

Get all those questions answered and more.

What People Will Learn:
– The publisher’s business model
– One key skill to turn any incompetence into a strength
– Mindset shifts that’ll fundamentally change the way you think about hiring
– The operational blueprint used to create 6-figure a content and digital product business
– Simple but effective marketing strategies and funnels (applicable to any business)
– Why self-awareness is the secret to dominating any niche

About the speaker:
Willie is the founder of Scare Street, a horror publishing house dedicated to creating spine-tingling stories. He’ll happily measure his success by the number of nightmares he causes his readers. With a catalog of 120+ novels and 80+ audiobooks, what started as a side hustle while working on Wall Street is now a 6-figure publishing business.

Willie’s been location independent since 2017 and is now based in Bali. The lessons learned in his talk are 4 years in the making and have been distilled into actionable insights to take your business to the next level.  He knows that if you’ve read this far, you might as well RSVP and see what the fuss is all about. See you in the shadows…

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