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Tech Talk – Payment Gateways, Raising Capital and Profitable Sectors

Looking forward to seeing our regulars, as well as new faces. If this will be your first time attending one of our Tech Talks, please rest assured that everyone is very friendly and welcoming. 

This month, we have Diera Yosefina Hartono from Veritrans – The leading online payment platform in Indonesia, and Alexei Levene – serial entrepreneur and startup guru. 

Diera will share her experience and internal knowledge from working with Indonesia’s leading online payment gateway. She has stats on payment trends across the country, leading industries and upcoming profitable sectors.

Alexie will share about his involvement with the various startups that he’s been involved including avenues of raising finance for your business. 

Who’s this for?

Both of these talks are suitable for you if you have an established business and looking at options for growth and expansion, or if you’re looking at starting a new business and after ideas around profitable industries and market trends. 

Topics Covered

• Differences in Ecommerce within Indonesia compared with our countries (Payment preferences etc.)

• Information and stats about Ecommerce trends within the region

• Where are the opportunities? Profitable and rising sectors

• Options for raising capital, including Venture capital, crowdfunding and angel investors.  

• What is currently working and what to watch out for – Lessons learned from the field 

About The Speakers

Diera is a strategic marketing professional in the Indonesian eCommerce scene with more than four years of combined experiences from a range of industries including printed media, luxury goods, and last but not least, online payment. She’s an ignited startup soul with true passion in the digital world, wishing to contribute to the betterment of the ecosystem, one promo program at a time. 

Diera has worked for companies such as LivingSocial, DestinAsian Media Group 
and now she is VP of Community Management at Veritrans. 

You can see Diera’s full profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dyhartono 

Alexei started working in supply chain tech sales out of Texas and then Northern Europe companies such as i2 (now Jda), Matrixone (now Dassault), MRO (now IBM). And Ariba (now SAP). He set up Unfrozenmind in 2004 with the aim to make companies more ethical through a focus on innovation strategy and worked companies like Shell and Philips. 

Later he was an early co-founder of Abundance, an FCA regulated crowdfund platform for renewable energy projects in the UK. Alexei went to India 6 years ago to work for a charity called Kanthari and then set up a social business building clean tech products mostly aimed at empowering women in rural India. During this time they developed Desolenator, an award winning solar Desal tech for the home. 

He’s most recently built and launched Neyya a wearable tech using gesture control. 

Alexei’s full profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexei-levene-213a72 

Come Join Us! 

Please RSVP on Meetup ASAP if you are planning to come. Invite your friends along too! 

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any suggestions/questions. 

Look forward to see you!  


PS: This event, like all our Tech Talks, will be held in English.

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