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Tech Talk: Growth Hacking and Marketing Tools

Tech Talk: Growth Hacking and Marketing Tools

This month we are very luck to have Anirudh Narayan talking about growth hacking, marketing and related tools.  

“Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.”

Marketing is a very wide subject with many tools available and there is no recipe that tells you what the best way to spend your limited marketing budget. So rather than rapidly drain the budget in unproductive marketing channels it is necessary to have a methodology and best practices to find out what is most effective.


The talk will be about how to use today’s tools, marketing channels and hacks to scale your startup. We will start with what is product market fit, how to achieve it and then talk about scale.

Who is this for?

• Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to launch an online business
• Entrepreneurs who have built a technology business and looking for new techniques to scale
• Digital Marketers who want to help their clients better (Not only optimize channels but find that 2x-3x growth vehicle)

Topics covered

• Customer personas
• Product Market Fit: Definition and how to achieve it
• When to start marketing?
• Tools and techniques to scale your startup (Funnels, Automation tools)
• Growth hacks used across Rocket Internet, Lean Startup Machine, Shutterstock.


About Ani

Anirudh has helped over 1000 aspiring entrepreneurs, 25 startups in US, Latin America, Africa and Asia with launching their idea, reaching product market fit and scale. His core specialties lie in user acquisition, funnel optimization, growth hacking and business development.

Anirudh currently helps entrepreneurs through consulting, boot camps and his online courses where you can learn how to launch and scale your business.

He’s previously worked with:

• Growth Hacker @Shutterstock (IPO)
• Growth Manager @Javelin, @Lean (Series A)
• Director of Operations @Krossover (Core Founding Team, Series B)
• Consultant @Rocket Internet, Nigeria

Come Join Us!  

Please register at the Front Desk or send us an email to events@dojobali.org if you want to join. Invite your friends along too! 

Look forward to seeing you!

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