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Surf Photography 101: Indo Surf Crew

Ever wondered how those stunning aerial images of surfers riding waves by Old Man’s is captured? Boris Belousov of Indo Surf Crew will share all the basics to surf photography – from drone to DSLR –  and unmask what it’s like to shoot for the pros and brands out in those choppy seas. Bring your cameras – if time allows we can have a hand’s on shooting session at Echo Beach at the end.

WanderSnap is Asia’s Airbnb for photography, where travelers can connect with local snappers to capture selfie-free adventures moments; US$5 goes towards teaching photography to low-opportunity youth so they too can capture art for a living. Find out more on WanderSnap.co or on Facebook or Instagram @WanderSnap.

 What People Will Learn:
1.Basics to surf photography
2.5 easy tips on how you can get started
3.Top misconception about a day in the life of a surf photographer
4.Hands-on time to shoot at Echo Beach with in-moment coaching (if time allows)

About the speaker:
Proud to call brands like Quicksilver, Burton and Nike as his clients, Boris is a member of Indo Surf Crew, Bali’s dedicated team of creative capturing Indonesia’s best surf playground. Through their photos and films, they give a voice to local surfers, along with the organizations that help to keep the surfs clean and authentic.

Boris shoots with  mostly Canon, Black Magic and Red. He asserts that you can create amazing images with any camera, as long as you have a good subject with an interesting light. While traveling, he shoots with a Canon DSLR, DJI Drone and some action cameras.

Boris’ first experience with photography and videography was through snowboarding. 10 years ago he was an avid snowboarding. He would ride huge mountains and do tricks each time he went out. He decided to buy a camera to document what him and friends were doing. The more he snowboarded, the more he got into filming. He learned so much about photography and videography through perusing through snowboarding films and magazines.

Before Bali, Boris spent one year living in the Russian mountains and several months traveling through Europe. I was ready for the next adventure and the surf vibe was calling. Like many of us, he bought a direct ticket to Bali with the intention to stay for a few weeks but remains still here today!


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