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Scott Rogers shares lessons from Angel investing in WheelysCafe.com and supporting Watsi.org. Wheelys sources 100% organic fair-trade products and supports self-employed entrepreneurs in 75+ countries. Watsi is building technology to finance universal health care and has funded 16,096 patients in 23 countries.

Nick Kamols and Brad Clair share lessons from building and founding PowerWells.org and AMPLFY.com.au PowerWells are using recycled electronics to build solar battery power wells that provide ssustainable electricity to remote communities across the developing world. PowerWells is working on a pilot project in Indonesia. AMPLFY blends military surplus and recycled electronics to create hi-fi portable Bluetooth speakers and empowers people who are looking for employment and who have disabilities. 

What People Will Learn:

  • What does Startup really mean?
  • Who starts a startup or cares about social impact?
  • Why having positive social impact is a competitive advantage for a startup?
  • When to fund a startup via bootstrapping, crowdfunding and or venture capital?
  • How to create products and services with global social impact?
  • WTF does #RIDE and #SURF really mean?

About the speakers: 
Scott Rogers from Brisbane, Australia. Software Engineer turned Angel Investor and Entrepreneur. Scott mentors startups in the USA and Australia, is the founder of opensoda.com (Open Studio of Digital Architecture) https://www.opensoda.com/ and works remotely from Bali each year. Scott has made 30+ investments in startups via fundersclub.com https://fundersclub.com/scott and has been supporting Watsi.org since 2014 https://watsi.org/donor/bf1f0c6fdefe?page=7 Scott also spent 5 years in Japan with an Aikido Dojo and is inspired by the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
Social Media – Scott Rogers

Nick Kamols and Brad Clair from Brisbane, Australia
Founders of PowerWells and AMPLFY. Nick is co-founder of PowerWells.org and a Town Planner involved with the Smart Cities Council in Australia and New Zealand. Brad is co-founder of PowerWells.org and founder of AMPLFY.com.au https://www.amplfy.com.au/ Crowdfunding to support building 100 PowerWells in Indonesia. AU$12,621 successfully funded on 22 Jan 2018: https://startsomegood.com/PowerWells 
Corporate Sponsorship from GEM Energy powering the PowerWells Community Consultation Trip to Indonesia: https://www.facebook.com/PowerWellsOfficial/videos/1591360984233606/
Social Media – Nick Kamols
Social Media – Brad Clair

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