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Shark lark & manta banter

True facts about the world’s most endangered fishes, and what we can do to save them.

Did you know that manta rays are cousins of great white sharks? Did you know that you’re more likely to be killed by a cow than a shark? Did you know that sharks are some of the world’s most endangered species, and Indonesia is the world’s biggest shark fishing country? This talk will be all about sharks, rays, why they’re important, and what we can do to save them from extinction.

What People Will Learn:

  • Lots of facts about sharks, which they can use to impress their friends/Tinder dates
  • An improved understanding of marine conservation issues, globally and in Indonesia
  • Inspiration for what we can do, as individuals and society, to protect and restore the marine environment for now and in the future

About the speaker:

  • I’m a PhD researcher at the University of Oxford, and a technical advisor for the Wildlife Conservation Society, with a particular focus on shark and ray conservation. You can read more about that here: https://www.iccs.org.uk/person/hollie-booth and on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hollieboothie
  • I’ve been living and working in Indonesia since 2016, with a focus on understanding shark fisheries and designing inter-disciplinary solutions to reduce shark overfishing.
  • Before coming to Indonesia, I worked on a variety of conservation issues in challenging contexts, including 2-years in Tanzania working on anti-poaching and protected area management in Serengeti National Park and 6-months in Ethiopia working on community-based tourism.
  • I have a first-class degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, an MSc in Conservation Science from Imperial College London and I also won ‘Biggest Party Person at Dojo’ at the Dojo 2018 Christmas Party


Event Registration Instructions:
This event is free & open to the public. Limited to 25 spots. If you want to join this event, please register at rspv@dojobali.org It’s mandatory.

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