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Secrets of the Inner Circle of Modern Ecommerce Mini-Moguls


—— Event Registration ——This event is for free and open to public. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to events@dojobali.org. ————————————— Something weird happened 5 years ago. Supply chain mastery that just a couple years prior was the exclusive domain of the Samsung’s, Coca Cola’s, and Procter & Gamble’s of the world suddenly became available to any bored 26 year old pothead sitting in his underwear hunched over a laptop in his mom’s basement.  What you will learn:- What is the winning 1% of ecommerce brand owners doing that the 99% isn’t? About Chris: Chris Rawlings looked up from his laptop, sipped his matcha latte, scanned the horizon of the beach town of Paihia, New Zealand and thought to himself – “I really fucked up this time” After quitting his job in New Jersey, moving to New Zealand, buying a motorcycle and starting a business all within the span of 2 weeks, it seemed like he had finally bit off more than he could chew.  Regardless- after going homeless, taking on $25k in debt, and even moving back in with mom; within 4 months of his radical jump Chris had built a profitable ecommerce business that could support his nomad life.  Fast forward 2 years – Chris has grown this side jawn into an international $1m/yr brand. He continues his entrepreneurial adventures from funky coffee shops and funky co-working spaces around the world. Once in a while he even stops to smell the roses. Some recent features: https://www.privatelabelpodcast.com/episodes/40 http://privatelabeljourney.de/amazon-fba-deutschland-5-uhr-morgens-mit-chris-rawlings-wie-judolaunch-com-dein-produkt-ganz-nach-vorne-bringt/ https://europeanprivatelabelsummit.com/speaker/chris-rawlings/ https://www.privatelabelpodcast.com/episodes/112-chris-rawlings  Looking forward to seeing you there!

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