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Pulau Plastik – Documentary Screening & Discussion

The Time for Action Is Now, So That Bali Does Not Become a Plastic Island!

Pulau Plastik (Plastic Island) is a collaborative campaign to tackle the issue of single-use plastic in Bali and beyond. Pulau Plastik leverages popular culture and includes social media campaigns, short videos, and a feature-length documentary to increase awareness about the hazards of single-use plastic, to change people’s behavior and to advocate for change.

The Indonesian government targets to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the ocean by 70% in the next five years. Various preventive measures and countermeasures have been carried out at the local level, such as last year’s ban on single-use products by the Bali provincial government.

How can Bali take part in achieving this mission? Let’s talk potential solutions, sharing ideas and knowledge at this screening of two Pulau Plastik episodes.

Find out more about the movement here : https://www,pulauplastik.org


About The Moderator

Gede Robi also known as Robi Navicula, is an Indonesian rock musician, activist, writer, and farmer. Robi co-hosts a edutainment TV travel series titled ‘Viva Barista’, which explores coffee history and culture in Indonesia and is the co-creator and host of ‘Pulau Plastik’ a series and film which takes an in-depth look at Bali’s trash problems and solutions. Robi is the frontman of the rock band Navicula, combining activism and music as tools for social change.

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