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Photoshop, Fonts and Website Security

Fonts, why they matter, Workflows for optimising and formatting images, WordPress website security.
First impressions are everything especially when you only have 4 second. How to design with typography for maximum impact. Workflows for optimising and formatting images. Advanced-level of security in WordPress.

What People Will Learn:

  • Using Photoshop to produce the best results
  • Fonts, What works, what doesn’t and why
  • Easy to use solutions to secure and protect your website

What the Font?
How to design with typography for maximum impact in a digital format. What works, what doesn’t and why.

Photoshop for the Web and Beyond
Optimising Images for the Web and Beyond. Daniel will talk about workflows for optimising and formatting images as well as some quick Photoshop tricks.

Advanced Security
WordPress sites are amongst the most hacked in the world so Security is paramount. This presentation will show you how to protect your site and includes all the code to do so. You will be shown a blend of some simple, intermediate and advanced tips to help you implement an overall advanced-level of security in WordPress. This presentation is not only for advanced users but easily understandable to all levels of users. WordPress advance security should be available to everyone

About the speaker:
Diana Phillips
“Why?”, “why not?” and “What if?” have stoked Diana’s curiosity and sent her wandering around the world, providing more than a few opportunities for creative problem solving. Navigating agency politics, MacGyvering tents to shield below zero winds from shredding peel coats on car prototypes at Everest base case, street casting in Rome, pacifying celebrity drama, mentoring a fledgling intern and delivering another oh-and-don’t-forget-we-need-that-killer-idea-yesterday are all part of the day. Diana has worked for Multi-National Advertising Agencies including: GTM/JWT, SaatchiLA, Legas Delaney, Ogilvy and others. She’s currently a partner for the Virtual Advertising Agency – The Mouse and The Elephant.

Daniel Vaughn
Daniel has been pushing pixels with Photoshop since PS2. He began working on Linotype Hell workstations and then moved to Photoshop on Macintosh platforms when the technology became viable professionally. Daniel was the owner of a full service photography and imaging studio in California. Most recently he has worked as a Studio Retoucher in Los Angeles for DeutschLA before moving to Bali. He’s currently a partner for the Virtual Advertising Agency – The Mouse and The Elephant.

Frank Warwick
An entrepreneur who helps individuals and organizations turn their online frustrations into marketing and communication strengths. Frank has worked in major corporations, advertising agencies and startups and has been using WordPress for over 12 years as it it evolved from an obscure blogging platform to dominate the web development market. Frank’s focus is on helping people improve their online presence with fast delivery  and security wrapped in a ROI user interface.

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