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Optimize Your Sleep To Live Better

Skill Level: Beginner

Learn hacks & tips for performance-ready sleep

Learn how to optimize your sleep while at home & traveling so you can perform your best at work, in sports, within relationships and in life. You’ll know how sleep works, how to design your day to get the best sleep, how to fix common problems like insomnia, jet lag and daytime fatigue, and what hacks are really worth your time. As the #1 competitive advantage in health, knowing how to sleep well will set you up well-rested success no matter what life throws at you.

What People Will Learn:
– How sleep actually works
– Why sleep is so important for our health, mindset and cognitive performance
– How to address the most common sleep disorders
– How to design your day and night for the best sleep
– How technology both positively and negatively affects our sleep
– How to plan for and overcome jet lag
– What sleep hacks and tips are worth your time
– What someone should do if they have concerns with their sleep

About The Speaker
Known as the Performance Sleep Coach, Kelly helps her clients fix their sleep disorders and optimize their rest so they can perform at the highest level. With a background in holistic health and wellness, she blends ancient principles with modern sleep science to help her clients overcome insomnia, daytime fatigue, and disturbed sleep. Through her Performance Sleep Method, she integrates seven key areas of health, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle, such as breathwork, our relationship with technology, gut health, and stress management. Her goal is not only to improve the sleep of her clients but help them achieve well-rested success and live the life of their dreams.

You can follow Kelly and what she does with all her natural energy on Instagram at @sleepwithkelly and learn more at www.sleepwithkelly.com.
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