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Open Space: A Storytelling Showcase

We truly believe that being vulnerable, honest, and open makes us connect and unite as a community. Personal storytelling is an effective tool to help us achieve that. Come to this inaugural storytelling showcase event to hear stories that have not been shared anywhere else and be inspired!

It’s 2020, a new decade for creating new opportunities. To do that, we need to inspire each other every single day, right?
How? By candidly sharing our unique stories. By being honest and open, we can connect and unite as one community.

But there are two problems:
First, we focus too much on working and running our businesses. That sadly makes us not OPEN up to show who we really are. Being authentic, honest, and vulnerable are what we need!
Second, there is no SPACE for storytellers to practice telling their stories. You may dream of doing a TEDx Talk in the future but there is no stage to practice.

This is why we’re organizing this inaugural Open Space: A Storytelling Showcase event.

Get excited to hear authentic and personal stories. Theme: Irony. You will be listening to raw and real stories. And maybe you will be inspired enough to share your own story one today and/or connect with the storytellers’ stories & decide to do something differently in your life. This storytelling showcase is highlighting some of Bali’s best rising storytellers. They will be getting vulnerable and telling 10 minutes stories that they have not shared anywhere else.

Event Registration Instructions
This event is ONLINE, free and open to public. If you want to join this event, please send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org and we’ll send you the Zoom invitation

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