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Mental Health and Wellness Networking

A Space Where People In Mental Health Can Come Together, Network and Share ideas.

If you’re involved in mental health or wellness in some way and want to get involved in some networking and sharing of experiences, ideas & knowledge, then please come! The hope is to bring us together so that we can truly amplify each other through this synergy of healing and growth mentalities. Who knows, we could even end up doing something together in the future! Let’s make a difference.

What People Will Learn:
If you’re in this field, you’re already aware that everyone has a very unique story. Through a unique story comes unique solutions to very similar problems. We have all become aware, acknowledged, accepted, healed and grown in our own way, even a minor step forward is still a step forward. We can all learn something from each other here.

About the speaker:
Kieran Hedley is an online mental health coach with a secondary focus on fitness. He has a background of his own depression phases and periods of anxiety, as many reading this have likely experienced too. Of course, there are other far deeper motives behind why Kieran is passionate about this subject. He believes his life mission is to normalize the stigma of mental health, so that it becomes an open topic in schools, work places, between friends and in family environments. He is from New Zealand, a place where suicide rates are on the rise and have some of the most problematic percentages in mental health and suicide in the western world.

Event Registration Instructions
This event is for public with limited 25 spots. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org.

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