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The world of work is changing faster than ever before. Traditional offices model is dead. They were predicated on a linear workflow process and designed for a time when information was scarce. These industrial age operating principles have not fallen out of fashion so much as they are no longer fit for purposes originally intended. In today’s interconnected world, we have a much more opaque way of working and an abundance of information at our disposal.  So a fresh way of organising ourselves is required. In particular, for the 65% of the working world that will be independent by 2020, the ability to remain indispensable and to constantly reinvent oneself will be absolutely essential.  In this workshop you will learn about major forces that are transforming the way we work, nourishing spaces for creativity and innovation and how to move towards doing your life’s work.

What You Will Learn:

Gain an overview of the changing nature of work: including the war for talent, spaces for innovation, digital convergence, flow states of work, agile practices and soulful organisations.

Participants will gain insights to apply directly to their personal and professional lives including how to manage their time, build psychological safety in teams, and do their most meaningful work.

About the speaker:

Jonas hails from Canada via UK and before that California. He’s a Managing Partner at Social Fabric, an award-winning innovation firm based in London and Vancouver.

He’s worked in the creative industries for 20+ years with organisations like Google, Sony Music, Tate Modern and The BBC.  Jonas is an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia and a regular contributor to The Guardian and The Huffington Post writing on all things related to business, design and innovation.  He is currently in Bali writing his second book, this time on the topic of the Future of Work & hence this one-time workshop!



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