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Let’s Talk About Social Impact!

Inspire yourself, inspire the world!

We are the generation of social impact makers! But do you know how to put those ideals into action here in Bali and around the world? Do you have your own ideas you would like to share with our community?  Come spend an evening with us to make fellow socially-conscious friends who would like to join our impact community.  Join the movement to you learn and share ideas to help grow our collective social impact here in Bali and abroad.  Help us, help you, help the world!

Skill Level: All Level

What People Will Learn:
* How to give back and make an impact in Bali and around the world
* How to share and gain awareness of your own ideas and social causes to make a difference
* How to travel more sustainably and make your experiences more meaningful
* How to make friends who are also socially-conscious and involved with causes and organizations that make an impact

About the speaker:
Gabrielle was born and raised in California where she graduated from San Diego State University and started her career in the sales discipline for a large hotel company located in San Francisco. After experiencing corporate America, she began to pursue her entrepreneurial interests. Today she is the owner of a marketing company, G Marketing Co., and co-owner of an e-commerce company, Urea-Z, Inc. She also consults small businesses on marketing and business strategy including Nomads Giving Back! with her role as the Director of Strategy and Communications. On a personal level, in early 2019, she began her new lifestyle exploring the world as a geographically free digital nomad, pursuing her passions of yoga, scuba diving, and hiking around the globe.

Facebook: Gabrielle Martorana
Instagram: @gabrielle_martorana
Email: gabrielle@nomadsgivingback.com

Tarek has lived primarily in NYC where he earned an MBA with honors from NYU and pursued a career in business development and operational leadership at top organizations such as Goldman Sachs. In 2013, he felt compelled to leave the corporate world behind in an effort to explore the actual world, go after his dreams and live the life he imagined. Since then, Tarek has traveled to over 100 countries, supported social causes through volunteering, advocacy and fundraising in special places like Bali, Colombia and Kenya, embraced wild adventures like driving a rickshaw 4,000 km across all of India, and ran 25 marathons including an 84 km ultramarathon charity fundraiser run across Bali! Recently, Tarek launched Nomads Giving Back! The vision of his social enterprise is to inspire nomads, travelers and expats to give back to the communities we call home away from home. Inspire yourself, inspire the world!

Facebook: Tarek Kholoussy
Instagram: @tarek.world
Email: tarek@nomadsgivingback.com

Nomads Giving Back!
Nomads Giving Back is a social enterprise with the vision is to inspire nomads, expats & travelers to give back to the communities that we call home away from home! If you have any questions about this event or would like to get involved, feel free to message us at @nomadsgivingback on FB/ IG or email us at tarek@nomadsgivingback.com.

Facebook: Nomads Giving Back!
Instagram: @NomadsGivingBack
Website: www.NomadsGivingBack.com

Event Registration Instructions
This event is free and open to public. Limited to 50 spots. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org

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