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Lady Boss: How to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life

Emma (Ocean Mimic from England), Ashleigh (The Cream Soda Coach from England), and Kelli (BFM Social from the United States) will be sharing their personal stories on life, business, struggles, and how they find joy in their everyday lives. Come share your questions and ideas, whilst networking with other lady bosses. We are bringing back this really cool event to celebrate the amazing women who are building fantastic businesses in Dojo.

Emma Sparrow grew up in the UK but she always had itchy feet and at the first opportunity went traveling around Asia. At the age of 14 she did her first scuba diving course and became addicted! So at 18 years old Emma it was natural for her to complete her divemaster training in Thailand. From there, she continued on to travel around Asia including Bali for the first time. Then comes a very important interlude in the UK of hopping from one dream to the other – opera singer and then a physicist (3 years at University) and then a yoga teacher. As is well known – the UK is cold and miserable so after a relationship break up Emma escaped to live the dream. She taught yoga and scuba diving on Rawa, a tiny island in Malaysia. It was on this tiny speck of an island she met her business partner Chelsea. They saw first hand the immense trash problem and felt passionate to do something about it. Ocean Mimic was born – a cleanup community and educational movement funded by a line of eco-friendly ocean inspired swimwear. Today Emma is working full time in Bali on building an empowered community of beach cleaners, educating the world on plastic and developing products for a Kickstarter launch in March. She wakes up every day excited to go to work in Dojo despite the chaos and outrageous hours so she must be doing something right!

Ashleigh Ramshaw grew up in Sunderland, North East England and secured her first corporate sales role at the age of 20 shortly after leaving college and hustling at her Fathers furniture store. In the 9 years that followed Ashleigh relocated to London and worked her way up to more senior roles within the Professional Haircare industry. She secured her most recent position at Loreal Professional as Account Manager for Central East London in 2015. She had many successes in this role and went on to win the prestigious award of Loreal Account Manager of the Year 2017. After 5 years of her career at Loreal, Ashleigh decided to take a career break to pursue her ambition of running an online coaching business. This was prompted by her own lifestyle transformation that came about when she felt her work hard play hard life had taken its toll. Ashleigh is now ‘The Cream Soda Coach’ and the owner of her own thriving online coaching business which she runs from her laptop, traveling the world. Ashleigh coaches women struggling with alcohol consumption transform their lives and find true happiness. She specializes in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), transforming limiting beliefs and law of attraction coaching.

Kelli WithanEye grew up in Southern California and studied creative writing at a private college outside of San Francisco. She worked in the corporate world for 8 years before taking the leap to start her own business. Initially, her business began in social media management and then grew to include influencer marketing. With the influencer marketing community that Kelli and her business BFM Social built, they added an influencer subscription program to include even more people around the United States. After visiting Bali last year both her and her partner were dedicated to finding a way to move here and made some major adjustments to get her permanently. Kelli’s goal is to empower more women in Canggu, feature their achievements and create another community of women here that can support each other in growing their businesses with social media + influencer partnerships.

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