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Lady Boss – How I Screwed The Cubicle

Tiff Ng (from Sydney), Daniela (from Germany), and Lindsay (from States), will be sharing their personal stories on life, business, struggles, and how they finally found courage to say bye bye to their cubicle lives and start a new, fulfilling journey. Come share your questions and ideas, whilst networking with other lady bosses. We are bringing back this really cool event to celebrate the amazing women who are building fantastic businesses in Dojo.

About The Speakers:
Tiff Ng is a social storyteller from Sydney, Australia. She followed the normal route out of high school: university, internships and then into full-time work at social media agencies. Over the next 4 years, she both grew to love the field of social media and became frustrated with agency life and working for big corporations. In 2017, she quit her job and bought a one-way ticket to Bali. Since then, she’s been freelancing as a content writer and social media manager as she travels around the world. Currently, she is Editor-in-Chief at Morning Marjolaine – a mindfulness platform for soulful female entrepreneurs and digital nomads. She is also in the process of building her own type of social media agency for the new age of communication that puts people over the bottom line and brand storytelling over viral posts.

Daniela Schott is originally from Germany. Despite her wish to explore the world and love for adventures, she took on a corporate marketing job in Munich after her studies. Because that’s what you do, she thought. When after 5 years she faced burnout, she started thinking about her life and how her work should look like. She decided to quit her job and go on a trip around the world for a year on her own. This changed her life forever, since she came across the term „digital nomad“ and decided she wanted to find work she could do location independently. It took her quite some time to find what really mattered to her. Today she helps women find their dream job while travelling full-time, having lived in Brazil, Italy, Thailand, Mexico and Bali. She recently hosted an online show on how to find your dream job featuring 28 female experts with 2900 participants. Her strong belief is that every woman should find work she really loves and that by that we will change the world.

​Lindsay “Lou” Maisel is a well-educated corporate dropout who spent her career in manufacturing, then jumped into the learning sector as a pro translator of the technically minded. After reaching her limit of the khaki-and-polo crowd, she left the consulting world and opted for the scuba and ski-bum lifestyle. As the digital nomad lifestyle emerged, she hopped on board and got back into the learning sector with a fresh mind and renewed love of learning.

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