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Lady Boss: Coping Up With Changes

“What a crazy time!”

Your heard that phrase a lot lately. This year, we’re forced to deal with the new normals which turns upside down not only our personal life, but also our work life. While everything crumbles down, we’re still expected to be ‘productive’, ‘positive’, and ‘make the most out of it’. But how, exactly? In this special online edition Lady Boss, Arianna & Jean will share on how the pandemic affects their life and work, and how they get their way around it! Lady Boss is back to celebrate powerful females at Dojo who create amazing businesses, and also to inspire and empower each other during this hard time. Come to listen to stories, network, and even share your own story too.


The Lady Bosses:

Jean born in Manchester UK raised in Miami FL. Jean has always been a bit of a free spirit. After graduating university and moving back home for a few years to work, Jean decided to continue her education and moved to San Diego California to attend law school in 2011. After law school in 2016 Jean decided to take what was supposed to be a 2 month trip to Bali which turned into 2 years. I’m that time Jean traveled all over Southeast Asia and Australia and began her life as a digital nomad. After 2 years back in the US and traveling around the world Jean has returned to Bali. In the 4 years Since she first arrived in Bali  she has worked with Startup software and technology companies and has enjoyed the freedom of being a digital nomad, working with growing and diverse teams and ability to journey around and learn new cultures and meet wonderful people from all around the world and considers Bali her second home. Although working during this pandemic has its challenges there is a lot that can be gained when it comes to nurturing and growing connections as well and personal growth and enrichment

Arianna Magnani was born and raised in Italy. After a masters degree in Psychology and a few years in her private practice, she felt like she didn’t belong to that world anymore. She looked for a way to turn one of her many passions into a job, and she made it. In just a few months, she transitioned from being a frustrated and idle psychologist to a fulfilled and nomad copywriter. She moved to Bali, travelled SEA and went back to Bali, her first love. She has been freelancing for 3 years now, working with diverse clients and collaborating with many Italian agencies. She’s now faced with the challenges of work at the time of a pandemic, but you can bet she didn’t lose her enthusiasm.

Jessica Jungeun Kwak was born and raised in South Korea until the age of 15, when she decided to go to U.S. to study. She ended up graduating with Math and Stat degrees and getting a job in a company in New York, working with numbers and statistical models to predict risk of Natural disasters. After five years of working for a corporation, she decided to put an end to a job that she wasn’t really passionated about, and found a true passion in designing and developing digital products. Currently she is a freelance UX/UI designer and a full stack developer – she is also involved in couple exciting startup projects as a tech/design co-founder.

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