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Lady Boss: Building A Business You Really Love

Building a Business You Really Love

Everyone got a passion in something. We’re sure you do, too. There’s a thing or two that never fail to make your eyes spark and your heart flutter with excitement. The question is, is it possible to merge your passion into your work? Imagine how wonderful would it be to build a business empire based on something that you truly love! This June we’re having three badass ladies, Audria Evelinn from Indonesia, Monique Doughty from States, and Annika Luise from Germany to share their stories about how they managed to turn their passion into a source of living, stating a whole new level of work-life balance. Come to share your questions and ideas, whilst networking with other lady bosses. We are bringing back this really cool event to celebrate the amazing women who are building fantastic businesses in Dojo!


The Lady Bosses:

Audria Evelinn set foot in improving Indonesia’s local food system by reconciling the connection between farmers and consumers by empowering community based agriculture programs, as well as by the practice of hands-on education to individuals and communities. Her academic background in Urban Sustainability ( B.A, Seattle University Washington, USA), Growing Power’s Sustainable farming program (Milwaukee, USA), and an ongoing Food Studies & Tourism Master Program at Le Cordon Blue (Gold Coast, Australia) has helped her to set up Little Spoon Farm, a vegetable greenhouse farm and an online platform for a direct farm harvest orders in Bali. From her greenhouse she share knowledge of sustainable methods in growing high value crops that fits in the tropical climate. And, through her online platform operations, she aims to facilitate market access for local farmers to consumers and vice versa, and create a community of farmer- consumer to achieve a common goal of a connected food system. Audria’s work also aims to increase economical benefit for local farmers who are conversing to organic methods, making the food systems more socially and ecologically friendly. She believes each individual consumption when multiplied by many, leaves a long journey of significant ecological footprints on earth. When a mindful connection between the seed and the plate is established, then the ecological healing process can begin. She see harvests of vegetables and fruits not only as a source of nourishment and medicine for people, yet also as a connection between our humanity and the natural world.

Monique Doughty, also known as “Nurse Mo” Is a Critical Care Registered Nurse from Philadelphia, PA, USA. She has transitioned her career as a bedside nurse to becoming a fulltime: motivational speaker, digital influencer, travel host and career coach. She came to Bali as a  host and workshop leader for Nurses Travel  Network, leading two group trips of twenty-five women.  Monique attended the HBCU Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia and obtained a Bachelors Degree in Nursing. After college she started a career at the #1 Level Trauma Center in Atlanta and began working in Intensive Care as a Registered Nurse.  She began travel nursing in 2014 and launched her blog theresilientnurse.com the same year. She began blogging in 2014. Her purpose was to be an impactful media representation for African-American healthcare professionals. Since then she has developed a widespread social media presence, working with medical, lifestyle and travel brands. Her  Instagram accounts; @Iamnursmo and @theresilientnurse have a combined following of 173K, primarily women.   Her purpose is to motivate, uplift and empower women to remove limiting beliefs, her voice is to encourage her audience that their possibilities are limitless. She encourages those facing adversity to use this as a stepping stone to be resilient. Her audience has grown beyond nurses, to all women who need a push towards fearlessly believing in their self-worth and power.

Annika Brandt was born in Hamburg, Germany. Her life long dream of becoming a vet failed after realizing she was quite allergic to many animals, so she decided to turn her passion, design and photography, into her job. After her design studies, she started working in a digital marketing agency. Soon her boss discovered her organisation and managing skills and her client-focussed communication.From being a junior designer, she made her way up to managing the biggest client of the company as key account manager and to leading a 9-person team of designers and developers. The client, Vodafone, requested her to work directly onsite within the performance marketing team to be the Head of Creation. After 5 1/2 extremely interesting, educational and stressful years which nearly led to a burn-out, Annika’s fire and passion for her work was gone. As passion is her main intrinsic motivator, she decided to quit her job, and to start something new from scratch which would allow her to work on projects she enjoys. Annika took a big leap of faith when she moved to Bali 1.5 years ago, a place she had never been, without a steady job or any guarantee that her plans would work out. But along the way opportunities appeared and Annika jumped at the chance to make this dream life her reality.  Now she is successfully building her own design and marketing business and another side business supporting people who want to start traveling ‘solo’.

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