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How To Write Your First Book…

…In Less Than 24 Hours

In this workshop you will learn a step by step approach on how to write a book in less than 24 hours. The truth is, writing a book is much easier than you’ve been led to believe. In fact, most people get intimidated by the thought of writing a book  because they think that it’s a long, gruelling process. The #1 objection people have is that it takes too long to write a book! Dedy is going to share with you a simple 7 step process that I go through that has allowed him to write multiple books in less than 24 hours. 

It’s important to understand that the purpose of a book should be first and foremost to add value to your readers. Your book should either focus on helping them in some way, solve their problem, meet a need, or at least provide some entertainment value. People usually buy books based on the cover or title, primarily because they want the benefit that the title of the book promises. So in this workshop you’ll learn how to create great cover, write and publish your book.

Skill Level: Intermediate

What People Will Learn:
– It is an intensive step-by-step approach on how to write your book in less than 24 hours.
– This workshop guarantees to provide:
✓ 7 steps on how to write your own cash-inducing book.
✓ Free tools that you can use when publishing your book.
✓ Resources that you can utilize as you undergo the process of writing your book.
✓ Secrets on how you can make your book standout.

About the speaker:
Dedy is the founder of dedytien.com. He has written numerous books on the topic of entrepreneurship, Inspiration and how to reclaim your power. Despite coming from a background of not being able to write, read or speak a word in English, he has started an educational platform dedytien.com to empower individuals in their health, wealth, mindset, business, relationships, leadership and spirituality. His message to humanity is that they can be, they can do, and they can have anything their heart desires, despite their background, color or educational attainment.

Event Registration Instructions
This event is free and open to public. Limited to 30 spots. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org

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