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How to Rewire Your Brain with NLP

Reach Your Highest Goals and Communicate Powerfully with NLP NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Prgoramming – enables you to understand what makes you tick: how you think (neuro), how you feel, and how you make sense of everyday life in the world around you (Linguistic) and shows you ways how to influence all of it (programming). Being a successful entrepreneur requires dedication, hard work and agility. NLP studies thinking systems that lead to success. Each human brain creates success in some area of life, and by understanding how it works we can apply the same successful system on other areas like business or relationships. NLP helps us create a blueprint of what we want by rewiring our brains and focusing on the goals on conscious and other than conscious level. What you will learn: – Busting Fears and Self Sabotage with NLP- Eradicate Self-limiting Beliefs- Bulletproof formula for Setting Goals – Get to a Yes of Any Client Faster with NLP- Presenting Techniques to Ace Stage Skills (lecture, presentation, entertainment) About Anita: Anita Kozlowski has a MSc in Neuroscience and is a NLP Trainer and Coach. She loves to support young businesses and do talks on brain and life hacking topics. If you want to read more about Anita here are some useful links:http://www.gekkoretreats.com/anita-kozlowski-licensed-nlp-trainer-therapist-and-strategic-coach/  http://www.gekkoretreats.com/are-you-living-the-best-version-of-yourself/ www.livewithpower.com  Here you can find some videos on the topic https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3Kd8bNFPEBEsMDkdsmzh4usMuq-LFq9W Register at the Dojo Front Desk or via email to events@dojobali.org 

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