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How to Fuck Up Your Amazon FBA Business


A True Story about the First Year in Private Labeling/ Fulfillment by Amazon —— Event Registration ——This event is for free and open to public. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to events@dojobali.org. ————————————– There is a gold rush vibe these days about making money on Amazon. Goods from China and warehouses run by Amazon promise location- independency and endless profits. Viola will share my true story about the first year on Amazon and three products which are – contradictory to what the gurus tell you – not selling. Viola learnt about Fulfillment by Amazon last October and started working on it last December in Mexico. In March she launched her first product and quickly expanded to three. Today she is sharing the challenges and fuck-ups of her Amazon journey. This is a practical guide on „How not to run your FBA business“ and will give you ideas on pitfalls and surprises. What You Will Learn:  – How the business model „Fullfilment by Amazon“ with private label products works- The first steps into selling a private label product on Amazon- Reality Check: What the gurus do not tell you about your first year – my fails, challenges and fuck-ups- Links and Resources where to lern more about FBA / private labeling About Viola:  Viola, 28, German, economist. Worked as project manager in Berlin start-ups before selling everything in 2015 and traveling the world. Since December 2015 she grows into becoming a professional Amazon seller. Looking forward to seeing you there!   

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