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Hiring Friends and Other Virtual Team Fuck Ups

Hire, Fire and Manage better. Learn About The Ins and Outs of Remote Teams

Most entrepreneurs don’t go to HR school, or management school… yet hiring, firing and managing people becomes a big part of your reality when you have an online business. The good news is that you don’t have to make all of the mistakes by yourself. You can learn from those who’ve done it before. After all, some of the most expensive mistakes you can make are people and hiring. We work with agency owners, freelancers, headhunting businesses, consultancies, and other digital entrepreneurs to accelerate their virtual team in a strategic, methodical and predictable way. We’ll be sharing all the ins and outs of human behavior, team dynamics, and business growth fundamentals so that next time you hire or fire, you’ll know exactly what to do.

What People Will Learn:
* The 4 step audit to predict success with your virtual team
* The winning formula for individual & team peak performance
* What motivates people, what demotivates them
* The 5 P’s that make an online business profitable, sustainable and scalable
* The number one skill you need as a digital entrepreneur, to keep your team competent and inspired
* Top 3 hiring myths and why they’re not true

About the speaker:
Founder of AkunaX.com, Anna Shilina is a human bahavior specialist and serial entrepreneur. Her consultancy specializes in business partnerships & scaling virtual teams. Over the years her speaking, workshop and coaching topics have encompassed mindset & meditation, metaphysics, team dynamics, sales strategies and hiring, firing & managing. Dynamic, zealous and results-focused, Anna loves to see those around her thrive.

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