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Google Analytics Hacks for Marketers 

Learn How to Marry Your Facebook, Google, Display (& more) Advertising Efforts by Leveraging Google Analytics

Are you currently marketing in more than one channel? Are you optimally distributing your budget between those channels? Learn how to use Google Analytics in tandem with your Facebook, Google, Display or email campaigns to properly attribute success to your business objectives and re-allocate your funds to maximize conversions.

What People Will Learn:
* • Learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics capabilities
* • Set up Google Analytics tracking for ad/marketing campaigns
* • Double verify native data against website metrics
* • Examine diagnostic metrics to better understand/generate conversions
* • Evaluate different sources of conversion and optimize accordingly

This training will help you re-allocate spend across your marketing channels more effectively.

About the speaker:
Paula Novacki owns & operates a performance media agency specialized in SEM/paid social. Originally from Washington D.C., USA, Paula started her career out as an marketing analytics coordinator and worked her way up to managing a paid media team at a NYC-based global agency with several multi-million dollar accounts including USPS, Exelon Corporation, Nabisco, and more. In Fall of 2018, Paula decided to take a break from the agency world to do some freelance work to pursue travel – with full intent to jump back into the agency world after a few months. However, plans changed as scopes increased, and Paula now has more than 12 clients, ten employees and a full-time paid media agency. Her current client portfolio ranges from global enterprise-level accounts such as Uber, Eddie Bauer and Giovanni Rani Pasta, to US public health organizations, start-ups, tech companies and nonprofits. Paula also consults with SMB marketing and digital agencies to build up their digital paid media/analytics practices, teaches courses/workshops on paid media, and guest lectures with her university’s advertising department several times a year. After several years between NYC and DC, Paula has been living the location independent life since January of 2019, traveling the world and meeting incredible fellow entrepreneurs and business owners with similar trajectories.

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