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Freelancing 2.0

Confident Freelancing – Mindset, Brand, Sales

The way the world works is changing and it has never been easier to become a freelancer but many people are nervous to take the leap into working for themselves. Ania, who is mentoring aspiring freelancers, will share her tips on how the freelance economy has changed,how to get started, where to find and how to keep clients and the key elements needed for creating your own successful freelance business.

What People Will Learn:
– How a growth mindset, confidence, trust and alignment is important
– Service providers are now Solution providers
– Personal Branding for Freelancers
– How emotions, words, feelings are important in sales
– How sales and negotiations are neglected in schools and why is it important to succeed in freelancing

About the speaker:
Originally from Poland, but living abroad for a while, Ania started her location independent lifestyle in 2018. Working for several years as a freelancer, having her own agency, hiring freelancers to support her business, and helping her clients in finding the best talents, gave Ania many insights about running online businesses and the freelance economy.

Ania found her mission in helping people going online with their business ideas so that they can be financially and location independent. As a certified coach, Ania helps her clients in converting their ideas into profitable and predictable online businesses and those who are already working online – in leveling up and sustaining their freedom lifestyles.

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