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Extensive High Potential Workshop

Want to reach your goals faster and with ease? Seize this opportunity and join the 3-hour Extensive High Potential Workshop with Obed Abbo.

This inspiring workshop is aimed to help you:

  • Set inspiring goals
  • Master your strengths
  • Turn your strengths into pillars for your strategies
  • Build a positive mindset
  • Transform your challenges into opportunities for growth
  • Improve your strategies
  • Accelerate the realization of your dream

When: Sunday the 16th of July from 9:00am – 12noon
Where: Dojo Bali in Canggu, Bali
Price: IDR 700,000 per person
Maximum amount of participants: 6

Special offer: Join the Extensive Clarity Workshop and the Extensive High Potential Workshop  and pay only IDR 1,200,000 (instead of IDR 1,400,000)

About the speaker:
After completing a Bachelor of Marketing and Management in 2007, Obed Abbo had the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in 6 different countries. In the Netherlands, he worked as a senior coach for Kalff, a successful fundraising company specialized in raising funds for non-profit organizations such as Greenpeace, Amnesty International and Unicef. His role was to create coaching material as well to provide training & coaching to a team of 160 fundraisers and 8 coaches. During his career he also participated in several world class personal development courses and discovered powerful coaching tools that helped him transform his life. As a result, he moved to Bali in 2013 and started helping others to live the life of their dreams. 

Obed is very passionate about surfing, practicing yoga, making music and supporting charity organizations. However, his biggest passion is to help others realizing their dreams. He already has had the privilege to help more than 700 people to improve their lives at unique places such as the renowned Green School, the popular Dojo Bali Coworking Space, the 5 star resort Desa Seni and the world famous Bali Spirit Festival.

For inspiring videos, insightful articles and the free Passion Compass e-workbook, please visit www.passioncompass.com 

Website: www.passioncompass.com 
Instagram: @passion_compass
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/passioncompassinternational/
Email: Obed@passioncompass.com

#### Event Registration Instructions ####
This event is open to public and costs IDR 700,000. Limited to 6 participants. If you want to join this event, please register and pay upfront at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org 

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