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Join The Full Experience Of Design Thinking in 3 Hours!

What is Design Thinking? Is it just a buzzword? A trend? Get your answer on our Design Thinking Workshop! In this 3 hour, you’ll experience new ways to emerge collective intelligence, learning what is Design Thinking by actually doing it and facilitate the outcomes of revolutionary ideas!

We will have a return of experience on using Design Thinking Methodology on a Digital Project with the collaboration of Vincent Dromer klap.io & Charles-Louis Allizard bluecraft.io who live here in Bali. They’re gonna be the challenge that we’ll tackle in this workshop, which will be surprised on the D-day!

Example of this event: Klap évènement d’introduction au Design Thinking en entreprise

What People Will Learn:
You’ll be challenged to solve our challenges through tools and methodology that we especially design for you. The framework we learn here can be used in solving other challenges and frictions in your personal life & work.

About the speaker:

Vincent Dromer
Live in France, since 2014, Vincent advises AXA Strategic Ventures and the network of new start-up companies around investment funds. Before that, he studied design at Paris’ visual arts and communication school ‘l’Ecole des Gobelins’ and obtained an MBA in Enterprise and Innovation in new media at the CELSA Paris Sorbonne communication school.

Today, Vincent brings his design vision to both start-up and large companies in the launching of their products and the development of their digital identities. Klap spreads an innovative approach to resolving business challenges, inspired by Design Thinking methodology.

▶ Running sprint of creativity and prototyping for businesses
▶ Developing a training offer for pros
Launching Design Thinking products
Building a community to democratize Design Thinking

Charles-Louis Allizard
I am the founder and project lead of Bluecraft.io, a Paris based studio with a distributed team. We design and build websites, web apps, and web-documentaries. Seasoned designer and Javascript full stack developer. Blockchain enthusiast (blockchain and Bitcoin certificate from the University of Nicosia).

Former external lecturer at ESSEC Business school where I put together a “Webdesign for Managers” course as well as a “Computer Survival Skill Seminar” to help MBA students making the most of their tools and time.

I am passionate about building things, bringing ideas to life and optimized workflows. I love discovering new places and working remotely, producing music, surfing, doing yoga, cooking.

Event Registration Instructions
This event is free and members only. Limited to 30 spots. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org

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