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Dojo Virtual Support Group

Join this fortnightly support group that will allow us to stay grounded during this crisis, learning techniques to remain physically, mentally, spiritually and financially healthy, and continue making friends and building community!

These support sessions will be completely based on the group’s needs. Everyone will have a chance to share and talk as we begin with round table summaries of our weeks. We will follow by a facilitated grounding exercise led by me (mix of breathwork, guided meditation, and other modalities), followed by an instructor led segment delving into methods, tips and techniques to remain healthy, balanced and thriving in this time of uncertainty. We will end with Q & A, and round table intentions for our next fortnight.

What People Will Get:
• Grounding techniques to help them deal with overwhelm, anxiety and uncertainty;
• Ways to remain physically, mentally, spiritually and financially healthy during the COVID Crisis;
• How to continue their self development, self improvement, and knowledge paths whilst in the confines of their own homes!;
• Finding the hidden gems within this crisis, and take this crisis as an opportunity to transform into their next level of living.

About the speaker:

Belinda, or you can call her Bee, is a French born, London bred, nomadic living transformational coach, lifestyle innovator & entrepreneur. She is passionate about living this life wholly, leaving nothing on the field and helping others do the same! Seeing the compound effects that my transformation had on other areas of my life, She wanted to learn everything she could about self development and transformation! She became a certified life coach, nutritionist, personal trainer and healer, ranked in the top 1% by the Global Expert Rating Authority, which Bee did all while having a full time and demanding job as a business consultant and qualifying as a Project Management Professional.

Bee then put her work into practise. She quit my job to start her own business with no more than 1 month’s worth of savings, and tripled my income independently through her coaching and consulting business in her first month. She has since served as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice, and coached hundreds of individuals and groups through their own transformational paths. Her journey has led me from Hawaii to Jamaica, from Croatia to Bali. Her mission each time has been to create and foster communities of people on their self development journey, and to create an environment of connected, authenticity and encouragement where together we can walk this transformational path.

Website: www.beewhollyliving.com
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/belindangassa

Event Registration Instructions
This event is ONLINE, free and open for members & ex members of Dojo and Hubud. If you want to join this event, please send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org and we’ll send you the Zoom invitation

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