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Dojo E-Commerce Meetup

A meetup for people currently running e-commerce business, interested in drop shipping, FBA, etc. This meetup to share ideas, talk, tips, learn from each other, brainstorm strategies, and network with like-minded people. All levels of e-commerce.

Turn your Google Analytics numbers into profitable actions. Numbers are nothing unless you can extract a story out of them leading to actions. Learn the process of using Shopping Behavior, Checkout Behavior, Custom Segments/Dimensions to pinpoint funnel bottlenecks and develop hypotheses for split testing to solve your conversion problems. June will do a mock Google Analytics case study primarily using the example of Google Merchandise Store data.

The knowledge share isn’t a technical guide of GA tracking implementation and will be most beneficial to e-commerce businesses with a decent number of monthly visitors.

What People Will Learn:

  • How to gain a deeper understanding of your store’s performance?
  • How to find out the key funnel points driving away your traffic?
  • How to pinpoint and validate key causes of funnel bottlenecks?

About the speaker:
June Liu has five years’ experience doing data analysis, helping top e-commerce, retail and pharmaceutical companies in the US to increase revenue and customer value by more than 2x. She’s now helping established e-commerce owners to extract actionable data stories to optimize onsite conversion funnel and increase revenue.

Born in China, she lived in Boston for 7 years before she got tired of the never-ending winter and traveled the world with Remote Year to start a remote lifestyle.


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