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Creating Unique Product That Solves Grand Problems

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How to Save the Ocean with your Unique Service?

The Ocean is one of the most important ecosystems, feeding us and providing ~70% of the oxygen we breathe. Klementina’s connection to the ocean and desire to work on solutions grew when she took a job in the diving industry and moved to Asia. Soon, she realised that she had to hack my own life and community, to come up with a solution relevant to and starting with herself. Through sharing her journey and walking back through the process of creation she took, this workshop will inspire you and provide tools to create a business aligned to your values.

What People Will Learn:
– Learn from Klementina’s experience on how she came up with her own unique brand and how it’s connected to her values and aims;
– How to connect what’s inside of you, with the outside environment to create a unique service or product?
– The process you can take to create a product that helps solve grand challenges?

About the speaker:
Klementina is the founder of Ocean Goddess, an entrepreneur, environmentalist and designer, insanely optimistic about making progressive ideas happen.
As an AIESEC alumni, she started her career at Deutsche Post DHL where she successfully managed multi-million dollar programs, developed new business opportunities and designed a group wide ‘circular economy’ strategy, including demonstrating solutions through working on closing loops of multi-national (incl. Fortune 500) technology and life-sciences businesses. Meanwhile, her calling to solve environmental challenges was bubbling, and brought her to work with numerous environmental associations, non-profits and startups helping them to develop new products, scale and innovate.
She has been an active climate change advocate with Climate Reality, trained by Al Gore since 2015. Currently she’s working with The-Reef-World Foundation on scaling a global initiative of the UN Environment called Green Fins, with the aim to conserve coral reefs and related ecosystems. The work on coral reefs, inspired Klementina to design a collection of minimalist, functional and sensual dresses, made using ocean recycled ghost fishing nets.

Event Registration Instructions
Open to public and free. Limited to 25 spots only. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org. Kindly state in the e-mail if you are a member or non member.

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