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Community Owned Resource Management by Merah Putih Hijau

The Mengwi village of Pererenan, with around 1000 households, has been chosen as MPH’s first pilot project. The MPH team is empowering Desa Pererenan with a complete functioning recycling and collection facility and key members of the village community are ready to improve this situation, giving a great chance of success and to create a model that can be replicated across Bali. 

One of the biggest challenge MPH is currently facing is the conventional nature the daily reportings are currently conducted, hence creating an inefficient and inaccurate system of collecting data. This data of the daily waste collection and separation is crucial in order to figure out how much income the facility could make, provide data of the types of household waste in Bali and how much of it is collected, monitor and justify the performance of the operation, etc. So, this app will help immensely in order to ensure an optimum performance and an economically self-sufficient operation in the future.

What People Will Learn:
*The daily reporting app development project, how it will help with the effort, how you could contribute!
* A demo on the prototype of the app
* How much of an impact this effort could have to the Balinese community and the environment
* Why it is important to continue building and developing community driven solutions for waste/materials management
* Key environmental facts about Bali and Indonesia
* How we can build resilient systems that are participatory and overcome corruption

We are calling on the Dojo community to rally together here as this is something we as a community can own. If you ever wanted to use your skill-set for good this is the chance. We need a diverse set of people to participate on this project as a team, ranging from developers, project managers, UI & UX designers, testers, business analysts, database experts, and anyone that wants to get involved. In this talk, we will explain the project the app and do a Q&A session at the end and tell you what’s next. Your commitment for this project will be much appreciated and honoured as it will be for this non-profit organization and a cause that could impact the entire Balinese community and their environment.

MPH really has one of the most promising solution to combat solid waste pollution in Indonesia since it is a community-owned and decentralised waste management system. Waste is one of the biggest and most overlooked issue right now in Indonesia, and community efforts like these have proven to be the most effective solution instead of a centralised waste management system run by the government. This has purely been a community-lead project for the past 18-months and Dojo and its members have been deeply involved from the start. Recently, the Pererenan Village won the green village award here in Bali as a result of our efforts so far. This has literally turned from an idea into a fully-operating project with real significant impact, all thanks to the effort of the Pererenan and Dojo community
So let’s get round it guys! Let’s pull this off, show the power of collaboration and set a benchmark for the future.

About the speaker:
Sean Nino has a passion for environmental management schemes that are participatory and devise ways to create the best collaborations in between society, business and science. He has taken part in large scale projects such as the UN Global TraPS – Science and Practice – and worked in local small-scale waste and water management projects in China, Philippines and Indonesia before co-founding a company in Bali 2 years ago.

MPH community owned waste management is Nino’s passion project and a creative outlet to build infrastructure with local communities around Indonesia. The project has been a big success mainly due to Dojos Co Giving Community and the support of many talented people that have joined the cause.

#### Event Registration Instructions ####
This event is for free and Members Only. Limited to 25 place. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org

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