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Climate change & pandemics

What can we do to prevent another disease outbreak? 

New research suggests that the loss of forest habitat increases contact between humans and nonhuman primates — and therefore the transmission of diseases from animals to humans, as with the coronavirus. We also know that a lack of healthcare access in poor tropical rainforest communities is a critical driver of ecosystem degradation. The current pandemic could easily rip apart the social and economic fabric of these fragile communities, forcing people to return to logging, poaching, mining or other destructive activities inside rainforests, just to survive. That is why Health In Harmony is working hard on the front lines to provide healthcare to support these vulnerable rainforests communities in Indonesian Borneo and Madagascar. 

What People Will Learn:

  • Relationship between climate change and disease outbreak
  • How pandemics increase forest degradation
  • How rainforest protection can prevent future global health pandemics 
  • Response to corona virus in rural and vulnerable communities in Indonesian Borneo and Madagascar

About the speaker:

Noor Trienekens is the International Program Manager at Health In Harmony managing programs in Madagascar, Brazil and Borneo. Health In Harmony is dedicated to solving global heating, understanding that rainforests are essential for the survival of humanity. Using the innovative process of radical listening, Health In Harmony collaborates with rainforest communities in Borneo and Madagascar to create the change the planet needs. Noor is currently based in Bali and travels to Borneo, Madagascar and Brazil to oversee Health In Harmony’s program sites. Previously Noor served as the lead and representative at GlobalPDX and the Director for Strategic Planning and Implementation at Oregon Health & Science University and Portland State University School of Public Health (OHSU-PSU School of Public Health). Prior to moving to Portland, Noor worked for Massachusetts General Hospital Global Health as the Deputy Country Director in Mbarara, Uganda. Noor lived and worked in Mbarara for nearly four years, overseeing research and clinical capacity building programs as well as managing partnerships between the Uganda Ministries of Health and Education and the Mass General Hospital. Noor has experience in organizational management, strategic planning, grant writing, marketing, graphic and website design, and fundraising. She has raised and managed philanthropic donations totaling over $3.5 million for global development. Noor holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogical Sciences, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic and Interior Design, a Master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology, and a Master’s degree in Pedagogical Sciences from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 


Organization: healthinharmony.org

Event Registration Instructions
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