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Building A Company Abroad 101

Special focus on HK (Also possible to bring in EU and other Asian countries)

Many people are trying to build their company outside their home country for a lot of reasons but are having very little information about how to incorporate one. Also, the details and the process can be quite overwhelming: paper work, taxes, language barriers and so on. This event would cover all the necessary protips you’ll need when you are considering in registering your company abroad, with focus of HK as the main alternative.

Skill Level: Beginners

What People Will Learn:
– Incorporate abroad – where and why should I incorporate?
– Handle corporate bank accounts – old fashioned banks can be picky, but are there alternatives?
– Handle corporate taxes – is it as hard as it sounds?
– Handle your corporate phone numbers – does everyone have to know that I’m living abroad?

About The Speaker:
Kristina Bräuer left her home country in 2015 to start a job in Shanghai, China and later Singapore. She began to love changing places but knew that this would not always be possible, especially when travelling with her partner. So they founded their own company (later changed to Hongkong) and are living the Digital-Nomad-Life for 3 years now.

Event Registration Instructions
This event is members only with 10 limited spots for public. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org and kindly mention if you’re an active members or non members.



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