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Build a Six-Figure Side-Business Within 11 months While Working a Full-Time Job

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No email list, no product, no marketing budget, just sweat and 2 days a week.

In 2017, Davis Nguyen was working a 70-hour per week job while on the weekend building out his side-business that started with no email list, no product, and no experience. In 11 months, that side-business made him more than $100,000 and a year after became a full-time job. In this talk, he wants to share how he was able to build such a business only working weekends, having no email list, and having no experience.

What People Will Learn:
– How to make manage a side-business while working a full-time job
– How to make decisions that will make your side-business profitable from Day 1
– How to continue to scale your side-business with little to no marketing spend or knowledge

About the speaker:
Davis Nguyen founded My Consulting Offer in 2017 as a weekend side-business and grew it to six-figures while working a full-time job. He has previously given a talk at other conferences including the World Domination Summit, LIFT, and DCBKK. Outside of business, he is also a previous TEDx speaker and for the past two years named by Toastmaster’s in the Top 200 of World Speakers.

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