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Brand For Impact

How to Attract Your Tribe and Make Sales that Matter

It is possible to have it all! Let’s create businesses that are good for YOU, good for OTHERS and good for the WORLD. It’s the win-win-win business model that will bring you personal and professional fulfilment. Adele will show you how to attract a tribe that aligns with your values to create flow and momentum in your business, while increasing sales. One of the main reasons startups go out of business is not due to the lack of good ideas, but rather the lack of traction in the marketplace. Through authentic and value-based branding, you can find the right people quicker and with more joy.

Skill Level: Intermediate

What People Will Learn:
* ● Clarify your business values to align and attract your ideal audience
* ● How to maximize the power of creative momentum and flow
* ● How to use branding as a way to further your impact in the world
* ● How to attract a tribe that will render better sales results
* ● How to use the win/win/win business model to increase your personal and professional fulfillment

About the speaker:
Adele started her branding agency, Live Large Design, in 2012 as a way to serve social and environmental entrepreneurs through strategic branding and website platforms. She has a Masters in Fine Art in graphic design and is also a professor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Adele has worked in the environmental impact sector for over 15 years, starting as a remote wilderness guide and environmental educator in Colorado and Alaska. Her unique experiences of dog mushing, river rafting, and living without plumbing for the better part of a decade in Northern Alaska continue to inspire her mission through Live Large Design. Adele loves running her own business so she has the complete freedom to wear capes, market her lingerie profile quiz, and talk about threesomes all the time!

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