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Are Tech Giants Serving You?

Let’s deconstruct tech & digital marketing narratives to be more critical of the big players like Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft. This presentation is based on the experiences I have gained working with humanistic & forward thinking collectives including Nowhere, MakeSense, OuiShare & POC21. As cofounder of Jerry Do It Together we shared the inspiration and processes  to support small communities to create their own IT infrastructures that serve them and could be serving you better.

What People Will Learn:


  • 1st chapter : Questioning hardware interfaces
    • How our imagination is trapped in black boxes
    • Why the most powerful computers of all time lag? It is all about planned obsolescence
    • Use Cases of locally thought IT services based on Jerry the funky computer
    • The future of collaboration in distributed communities : what is a liquid “Do-It-Together” Organization?
    • my role as initiator, catalyst and facilitator for local autonomous communities in 13 countries
  • 2nd chapter : questioning software interfaces
    • Have you met Tristan Harris, former Google design ethicist?
    • How we designed tangible meta-interfaces to help your organization stick to its mission
    • What do you monitor? The common mistake between trust and visibility = vanity metrics
    • Who is talking? you brand or the crowd ? (Sociology of mass influencers)
    • Origin of marketing : Word-of-Mouth communication VS Advertizing
  • 3rd chapter: debate / Q&A

About the speaker:
Since 8 years, Romain is a French “Transition Economy” enthusiastic, a freelance_(consultant+trainer), and a cyber_(artist+activist) who contributed to major collective creative transnational movements as

  • Nowhere, (euro Burning Man),
  • MakeSense (social business community) ,
  • OuiShare (collaborative economy think tank),
  • POC21 (post fossil fuel society makercamp),

and co-founded:

  • Social Media Squad to leverage the potential of the Internet P2P technologies and culture,  
  • Jerry Do It Together to share production processes & inspiration to make local changemakers create their own IT infrastructure.
  • Rom is also, Openizer, Electronic Music DJ.

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