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5 Strategies to Boost Immunity and Build Resilience

We’re in an extraordinary time and as an entrepreneur, you may be feeling a lot of social anxiety and fear due to things beyond your control. On this talk, Hollys wants to share with you what is within your control today and how you can integrate 5-immunity boosting lifestyle strategies that are going to build resilience and create balance in your body and mind in the face of uncertainty, now and long-term.

Today’s 5-strategies will show you how to boost your immunity and build resilience through diet, natural herbs and healing foods, simple practices to reboot your gut (80% of immunity is in your gut!), and managing your nervous system to lower stress as this is the no.1 cause of weakened immunity. As an entrepreneur, implementing a healthy morning routine will set you up for success for the rest of the day when it comes to choices within your control to boost your immunity. I will share with you a healthy morning routine to reduce anxiety and re-balance your body and mind that is going to benefit you and your business.

Skill Level: Beginner

What People Will Learn:
● What the immune system is and how immunity is weakened through lifestyle, work and environmental factors.
● How to utilize your support network and community to build resilience in the face often, mindfulness practices, a healthy morning routine and cleansing.
● Availability of natural superfoods, nutritious whole-food, and herbs in Bali and where to source them.
● Learning lifestyle strategies within your control to boost your health sustainably and long-term that will benefit your body, mind and business.
● How to utilise your support network and community to build resilience in the face of uncertainty.

About the speaker:
Holly Rudge is a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is also the Founder and CEO of OM Balanced, a private online health coaching practice. Holly previously resided in Singapore for 7 years and comes from a corporate professional background where she worked for 2 of the leading global FinTech Companies in Singapore, managing multi-million dollar accounts for Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters and earning more than 6-figures. Being a top-performing salesperson eventually led to functional burn-out that inspired Holly’s own health journey. She has since found a way to balance her business and health ambitions as a sustainable long-term career and lifestyle – and now helping other high-achieving professionals to do the same through nutrition and mindfulness for a more effective, easeful and grounded work/life balance.

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