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12 Steps System To Build A Successful Online Business –REGISTRATION CLOSED–

Learn practical strategies and secret alchemies covering BOTH the psychological and the technical aspect of building a successful online business while sharing your gifts with the world. WATCH THIS NOW BEFORE ATTENDING: www.francescomarcuccio.com/dojo

What People Will Learn:

• Learn a 12 Step System to Build & Scale a Successful Business
• Discover the 3 FATAL MISTAKES that 80% of entrepreneurs do and cause them to fail and how to avoid them.
• How to DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the crowd and develop a CHARISMA that ATTRACTS becoming the hero of your “Personal Legend”
• Discover your VISION and get absolute CLARITY about what you want and HOW to get it.
• How to ATTRACT “soul-mate” CLIENTS right for you
• Learn how to MAKE MONEY in an ETHICAL and CONSCIOUS way WITHOUT compromising your values.
• Discover Francesco’s “4P’s Model” to find your Passion, Profession, Profits and Purpose
• Make Money with your PASSION and TALENTS while sharing your gifts and making positive DIFFERENCE in the world!

About the speaker:
As children, many dream to change the world but then they grow up and the world starts changing them, Francesco just never grew up! He is an italian entrepreneur and a business consultant, but more than anything else he is a dreamer and a rebel with the passion for helping people to discover their visions, make money with their passions and build world-changing businesses.

Francesco is the founder at Create Your World-Changing Business™ Italy’s first passionate business school for entrepreneurs. Since a young age, he traveled around the world, holding seminars in over 16 countries. His unique teachings and his irreverent style have won him the gratitude of thousands of people from every walk of life, everywhere in the world.

Discover more at: www.francescomarcuccio.com

Children dream to change the world, but most people ‘grow up”. Francesco never wanted to, never agreed with societies restrictions and kept his dream alive. He plays within the business world as a professional speaker, writer, entrepreneur and business consultant.

Yes, Francesco’s inner rebel is, still alive and kicking people into action. He will clarify your vision, how your passion will generate money and help you to change the world too. You will discover what electrifies you and how you can generate money and freedom with your vision.

As founder of Italy’s first passionate business school for entrepreneurs, he gave life changing business seminars in over 16 countries. His teachings changed the lives of many. Give him the chance and he will help you to create the life you dream off.

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This event is for free and open to public. Limited to 50 place. If you want to join this event, please register at the Dojo Front Desk or send us an email to rsvp@dojobali.org

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